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Dryburgh Cycle Electric Bikes in Dingwall

Merida Electric Bikes

Give your riding a boost. Merida electric bikes are designed to help you ride further by adding a powerful electric assist to your natural pedalling power. Merida are one of the biggest bike manufacturers on the planet and even have their very own factory so you can be sure that you are getting high performance at incredible value with Merida.

Merida electric bikes feature Shimano Steps ebike drive units that offer very smooth assistance as you pedal. Merida electric mountain bikes are ideal for getting in a few extra trail centre loops and are available in full suspension and hardtail eMTB designs. For rapid commuting, Merida electric urban bikes are a great way to cycle further with less effort while arriving at your destination feeling fresh.

FreeGo Electric Bikes

In simple terms, it is an Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle (EAPC) also known as an EBike or pedelec. Most modern electric bikes have a power level adjustment which gives the rider the ability to set how much assistance they need and can even be turned off completely if required. All FreeGo electric bikes have 5 levels of assist and are still fitted with throttles (excluding crank drive Martin range) which will operate up to the full 25km/h (15.6mph) if the bike is being pedalled. It will only operate to 6km/h (walk mode) if pedals are stationary. With reference to the motor, you only need assistance as and when you need it, like:

  • When riding up a hill
  • When going on a long ride
  • When riding in tough conditions, such as wind
  • When you’re tired but need to get home

Yes, you dictate whether or not you select assistance and if so, what level of assist All FreeGo electric bikes have 5 levels of assist

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